We are here to help you with your Immigration experience

Photo of the founding members of the World Immigration Center, Inc.

    At World Immigration Center, We strive to provide all your immigration service needs and work with you to get your application submitted in a timely manner.

Who are we:

    World Immigration Center, Inc.
 is an Organization that seeks to improve the quality of life for individuals and empower the diverse communities we serve by promoting the goal of self-sufficiency.

Our primary service is Immigration advocacy and immigration related services. The provision of services is the gateway to this goal and the important first step in securing legal immigration status. In advancing our mission, individuals and families will have better and honest access to resources and opportunities that contribute to making the American Dream become a reality.

We have a staff with many years of relevant experience who will assist you with your Immigration service needs.

Our vision for the future is to provide and expand our services/programs to the wider New York City metropolitan area.

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